About HAKA

HAKA RESOURCES was founded by Ms. Sylwia Kasyna and Mr. Paul-Henrik Haagensen in 2017. Our values were simple and clear from the start… We wanted to be an honest, liable and dependable partner with heart, both for our workers who we send to a foreign country, and also to our clients who trust us to find ManPower who will help and develop, and not least make profit in their businesses. Our history is already proving that a frank an sincere approach to our partners result in loyal responsible and devoted workers who our clients rehire again and again.

We have many years of combined experience in recruitment and hiring out manpower for clients in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, and with a vast Scandinavian client base from our sister company Fortis ManPower Sp. z o. o. we currently have contacts to more than 500 companies in these markets.


  • You come in the front line. Many of the positions we occupy for our job seekers are never showed on the website,
  • Our international network is your network. You can benefit from this,
  • We are experts in finding “the perfect match”. We make sure that both candidate and company meet their needs,
  • You will be assigned your own personal project coordinator. One with knowledge of your field of study,
  • We help you uncover your qualifications, hone your resume and equip you for the job.