Temporary workers

You get more capacity in everyday worklife

At HAKA we do our best to make recruitment easy for your company. We handle the administrative processes – salary, contracts, transport and everyday logistics. Within Industry and Construction, we also take care of the employees’ work clothes. As an addition, we always analyze which economical scheme to count on, and which employment template can best pay off for your business. This keeps your operational expenses to a minimum. Remember, you only pay for the efficient hours, and you can always adjust the staffing to match your needs. That’s good business.

You get full focus on quality

We try to know temps well – both professionally and on a personal level. At HAKA, we take great care of the quality of our temps’ competencies through thorough interviews, reference checks and a review of diplomas, recommendation letters, etc. We provide full focus on quality. Should the chosen employee not live up to your expectations within 3 working days, HAKA will replace the worker immediately and a reimbursement will be issued. The only condition is that we are allowed to find a new employee for you.